Use Assets

Digital assets are images, documents, and videos that you manage with a special interface. Digital asset management is only available to enterprise users.

“Digital asset management” is a way to group and manage all the assets that are used for one purpose, like in a website or for a particular project. Assets can include graphics or text documents. They’re stored in a repository, which is created by content administrators. You can add the files (“assets”) to a repository, and the files are managed in your Asset view. You can upload files from your computer, or add files that are already stored in your home directory. You can tag assets, too, by adding a keyword when you add the asset. This makes it easy to find and sort them later.

If you don’t see any repositories listed when you click on Assets in the navigation panel, that means that repositories haven’t been shared with you. The content administrator must share the repositories with individuals or groups in order for people to use them. If you don’t see any repositories listed, contact your content administrator.

Digital assets and repositories are discussed in detail in Managing Assets with Oracle Content Management and in the Get Started with Building Sites chapter in Building Sites with Oracle Content Management.