Use Workflows

If Oracle Process Cloud Service is integrated with your service, you can use it to initiate and track workflows and tasks.

To use the folders in Oracle Content and Experience with a process, you must designate the folder as one that’s used with Oracle Process Cloud Service. You must also share the folder with the person who initiated the process.

  1. Select the folder.

  2. Click Properties from the menu bar or the right-click menu.

  3. Set Initiate process on document arrival to Yes.

  4. Choose the process name from the list. If the list is empty, see your service administrator, who is in charge of setting up the process workflows.

  5. Click Save.

The folder and its subfolders are now available for use within the Oracle Process Cloud Service interface. Any files that are changed in the folder or new files uploaded in the folder trigger the process associated with the folder. You can override the inherited process for a subfolder but you can’t disable the association with a process.

To learn more, see Getting Started with Oracle Process Cloud Service.