4 Work with Microsoft Office

When you install the desktop app, an add-in for Microsoft Office 2016 or later versions is automatically installed so you can work with synced files directly from Microsoft Office. If your system administrator enabled Microsoft Office Online integration, you can work in Microsoft Office Online directly from the web client.


Microsoft Office Online integration isn't supported in private instances.

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Online integration enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Create new Microsoft Office files from the Oracle Content Management web client.
  • Edit Microsoft Office files that are stored in Oracle Content Management.
  • Use the radial menu that shows up when you're working in any synced Microsoft Office file to quickly access Oracle Content Management features directly from Microsoft Office.
  • Embed links to your synchronized documents, folders, or most recently used conversations into Microsoft Outlook email messages and calendar appointments.
  • Save files directly from Microsoft Office to your synced desktop folder.


If you install Microsoft Office after you install the desktop app, you'll need to reinstall the desktop app to get this functionality. It’s only installed if Microsoft Office is present on your computer. For other issues, refer to the troubleshooting section.