Configure Oracle Integration Settings in Oracle Content and Experience

Manage workflow for business applications, such as document routing for review or approval, with Oracle Integration enabled for documents in Oracle Content and Experience.

You can allow your users to access Oracle Integration functionality, which lets users manage business processes in the cloud, such as document routing for approval or review. (This feature might not be available, depending on the Oracle Content and Experience subscription type and start date of your service.)

Before users can take advantage of the integrated functionality, you must configure settings in both Oracle Integration and Oracle Content and Experience.

When a task step is complete, a user can manage the file according to the defined process. For an incoming document, a user can perform actions based on their assigned role for the document: Contributor, Downloader, or Viewer.

When Oracle Content and Experience starts a process, the following payload is sent to launch the process:




        "params": {

               "id": "abc123",

               "name": "document name",

               "startedBy": "user id",

               "type": "d",

               "role": "role that should be used to generate subsequent

               "version": "version"


As a developer, you need be aware of the following requirements for a process that you develop:

  • It needs to be a process that uses an Oracle Content and Experience Document Start event.
  • When you deploy the process, you need to share it with the user specified for enabling the integration so that user has the rights to trigger the process.
  • For the user who uploaded the file to appear as the user who started the task, the process must use the value passed in the startedby field as the display name for the initiator.