Content SDK

The Content SDK for Oracle Content and Experience is a light-weight JavaScript wrapper that interacts with the Content REST APIs.

This read-only SDK retrieves structured content, digital assets, and content layouts that are managed in Oracle Content and Experience. Different versions of the SDK are available for use in browser projects or NodeJS projects.

The Content SDK consists of three main modules:

  • ContentSDK: The main entry-point object. The ContentSDK object lets you create client objects to access content based on your requirements.

  • ContentDeliveryClient : A client object that is set up to access published content items and digital assets.

  • ContentPreviewClient : A client object that is set up to access content types, draft content items, and draft digital assets.

The Content SDK is made available as an Oracle open-source project on GitHub:

You can download it for both NodeJS and Browser on the Oracle Content and Experience downloads page. It's also available for download from your Oracle Content and Experience server. There is an AMD module for use through RequireJS in the Browser and a CommonJS module for use in NodeJS server-side applications:

  • Browser: load via RequireJS - https://{server}/_sitesclouddelivery/renderer/app/sdk/js/content.min.js

  • Node: npm install - https://{server}/_sitesclouddelivery/renderer/app/sdk/npm/contentsdk-1.1.0.tgz

Detailed descriptions of the ContentSDK, ContentDeliveryClient, and ContentPreviewClient classes are available at Content SDK.