3 Integrate with Third-Party Applications

You can integrate Oracle Content Management (OCM) with third-party applications including Microsoft Office for the web, Microsoft Outlook, Desygner, Kaltura video management, and Slack. To enable these integrations, log in to the Oracle Content Management web interface as an administrator, click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu. On the Applications page, enable the third-party application integration that you’d want to make available in your instance. If you don’t see this option, then you don’t have the required privileges.

When integrating OCM with Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, the integration features become automatically available in these Office apps when users install the Oracle Content Management desktop app.


Additionally if you are an Oracle partner, you can create applications that use the integration features in Oracle Content Management. Oracle Cloud Marketplace is where you can publish these apps.

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