14 Oracle Content Management REST APIs

REST APIs are available in Oracle Content Management for content delivery and for management of content, conversations, documents, and users and groups.

Oracle Content Management has several REST APIs, listed in the following table.

API Name Description
REST API for Activity Log Provides the ability to search activities in Oracle Content Management.
REST API for Content Delivery Provides access to published assets in Oracle Content Management. Published assets include content items and digital assets, as well as their renditions.
REST API for Content Capture Provides several operations for the manipulation of documents when they are locked to an external processor job step. This includes changing a document’s metadata field values, adding or removing attachments to documents, and even deleting documents.
REST API for Content Management Provides access to manage assets in Oracle Content Management. Assets include content items and digital assets and their renditions.
REST API for Content Preview Provides the ability to preview items, item variations, items by slug, renditions, and renditions by slug.
REST API for Conversations Enables interaction with your cloud resources for real-time collaboration between individuals and teams to connect your business processes, enterprise applications, and content.
REST API for Documents Enables you to interact with folders and files stored in Oracle Content Management and to create sites from templates and other sites.
REST API for Self-Management Provides the ability to view the authenticated user details.
REST API for Sites Management

Provides the ability to create sites from templates and then manage the life cycles of those sites in Oracle Content Management. This REST API has several categories of endpoints:

  • Components

    Import, export, list, read, copy, update, publish, share, and delete components.

  • Themes

    Import, list, read, copy, publish, update, share, and delete themes.

  • Templates

    Create policies and associate them with a template to be used when creating a site. Policies can be used to enforce site creation approval, who can use a template, and what security the site will have.

  • Policies

    Manage policies, and manage the membership of policies with access lists.

  • Requests

    Requests are made when creating a site. A site request is rejected or approved through a review.

  • Sites

    Create, copy, delete, publish, and activate sites. Get site information and associated resources. List sites, and manage membership.

REST API for Users and Groups Enables you to manage users and groups of users.
REST API for Webhooks Management Provides the ability to manage webhooks in Oracle Content Management.

The following topics provide descriptions of how to perform some tasks with REST APIs: