Pass a CSS Style Sheet to Oracle Integration

As a developer, you can control the look of an Oracle Integration start form in a site by passing CSS information through the design.css file in a theme.

To do this, you need to place the CSS style inside of the design.css file that is within the theme of the site. The style sheet would be most likely be related to the theme.

On a site page, you can drop an Oracle Integration form with Name and Address fields. There is no styling for the fields.

  1. Click Edit in the top right menu to go into edit mode.
  2. On the Process Start Form menu, choose Settings.
  3. In the Process Start Form Settings dialog, click Custom Settings.
  4. In the Properties panel, you can choose a control class under Control Class Name for each field in the Oracle Integration form. Each control class specifies a CSS style.
  5. In the design.css file for the theme of a site, you can specify properties for each control class, such as a bold label.

    When developing a form, you can specify the control class name on a field-by-field basis.

On the Style tab in the Button Settings panel, contributers can choose styles that come with a theme. You can set options for a custom style in Site Builder for editing a site.

In the CKEditor toolbar for both paragraphs and titles, you can choose styles for toolbar groups. The specifications for these style options go in the components.json file for the theme.