REST API for Content Delivery

You can use the Oracle Cloud REST API for Content Delivery to fetch things from channels in an asset repository.

The REST API for Content Delivery has several categories of endpoints, which the following table describes.

Category Description
Item Use the Item resource to get published items, previews of items, or item metadata.
Item Variations Use the Item Variations resource to get item variations, a content item for an item variations, and item variations by variation type.
Items Use the Items resource to search published items or get the metadata catalog of published items.
Items by Slug Use the Items by Slug resource to manage items by slug and provide details about the metadata catalog, preview, taxonomies, publish information, and variations of an item.
Recommendations Use the Recommendations resource to access published recommendation results.
Renditions Use the Renditions resource to get digital assets, published renditions of digital assets, metadata for digital assets or renditions, or information about published assets or renditions.
Taxonomies Use the Taxonomies Resource to list all taxonomies, read a category or a taxonomy, or search published categories.
Version Catalog Use the Version Catalog resource to get information about APIs, API versions, or API metadata.

Oracle Content and Experience also provides the following REST APIs: