How do I start syncing my content?

After installing the desktop app, connect to Oracle Content and Experience Cloud with your user name, password, and the URL for your service. If you're not sure about any of your sign-in information, talk to your service administrator (the person in charge of running your service).

When you first install the app, you’re prompted to choose what folders you want to sync. If you install it and don’t go through that process, you can always click the desktop app icon in the notification area (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac). Select Choose Folders to Sync.

You can automatically sync all the folders you own (the default selection when you first install the app) or you can choose folders to sync, including those shared with you. If you choose to sync all folders, it may take some time for the sync process to finish depending on how many folders you have. You don’t have to do anything more. The desktop app is "set and forget" software. It runs until you tell it to stop.

You must have at least a Downloader role in a folder for it to appear in your list of folders for syncing. If you’re building websites, you can also sync themes, templates, and other assets associated with your sites. You must have a manager role for those items in order to see them in the list of items available for syncing.

When you initially signed in, a desktop folder was created for you named Oracle Content by default. This is where you can add files and folders you want synced to the cloud. To view the contents in Windows, double-click the folder icon on your desktop or click the icon in the notification area and then click Go to Oracle Content Folder. On a Mac, open the context menu for the icon in the menu bar extras area then click Go to Oracle Content Folder.