Quick tour of the Experience home page

The Experience home page is your gateway to working with web sites.

  • The menu (1) has options for managing sites, themes, components, and templates, for cleaning up your trash folder, and for accessing switching to content options.

  • The panel toggle (2) switches the panel view between options for managing content and those for managing sites and other experiences.

  • After you select a site in the list, the menu bar (3) is available. Use the options on the menu bar to edit your sites, rename sites, and perform other tasks.

    The options that are shown depend on your role for the selected site. For example, if you created the site, then you have the Manager role for that site and can perform all the tasks listed. But if someone has shared a site with you and assigned you the Viewer role, you can view site properties, but you can’t change anything.

    The menu options also depend on the current status of the site. The Rename and Delete options are available only if the site is offline.

    Tip: Looking for a shortcut? Right-click a site to open the context menu and choose an option.

  • The sites list (4) shows all the sites you own or that were shared with you. The list includes the site name, the number of updates, if the site is secure, and the status of the site (online or offline).

  • The user menu (5) has options for setting your preferences, giving feedback, accessing help, and signing out. Click the user picture to display menu options.

  • Click Create (6) to start the process of creating a website. Before you can create a site, your administrator must enable the Create option and provide one or more templates. If you don’t see the Create option on the sites page or templates on the template page, contact your service administrator.

  • Click the view icon (7) to alternate the format of the list between a list view and a grid view.

  • Use the sort options (8) to change the display order for the sites.

  • Click Updates (9) to edit an existing update for the site or to create a new update for the site.

  • Click Offline or Online (10) to alternate the status of a site between offline and online.

    Tip: If a site is online, click the URL below the site name to view the site in your web browser.