Quick tour of the site editor

When you edit an existing update or create an update for a site, the update opens in the site editor. Take a minute to become familiar with the layout of the page and the tools available.

Here are a few things to note:

  • Check the status (1) to see if the current site is currently online Online icon or offline Offline icon.

  • Check the update (2) for the name of the update you’re currently working on. If there’s more than one update available, you can switch to a different update.

  • Use Undo (3) to reverse the last edit or change you made in the editor. Use Redo (3) to reapply the most recent change you reversed using undo. You can use undo multiple times to reverse a series of changes in the current update including changes in content, style, and page organization.

  • Use the preview options (4) to see how the content will look under different circumstances. You can navigate to any page and see the base site with the changes from the current update applied. Click Fit to Window and choose a dimension to view the page as it will appear on a device with that screen size. Several sizes are given and you can create your own device size. Click editor ruler icon to see markings. Click an interval on the ruler to quickly see how the site appears at different sizes. You can also select portrait/landscape icon to see how a site will appear on a mobile device depending on orientation. Themes with a responsive design automatically arrange page content for the best use on the selected screen size.

  • Use the switch (5) at the top of the page to alternate between preview Preview switch and edit Edit switch. Click Preview icon to preview the site.

  • Use the available options (6) to process your changes. Click Publish to merge your changes directly to the online or offline site, or click Save to save your changes to the update.

  • Click the sidebar icon (7) to show (or hide) the tools in the sidebar.


    You must set Edit switch to Edit before you can use the tools in the sidebar.
  • Click an icon (8–12) in the sidebar to manage pages, add components, change the theme, and more.

    Callout Click... To...
    8 Pages icon

    Edit and add pages, manage nested page structures, reorganize pages, and change page settings.

    9 Add icon

    Add components, such as titles, paragraphs, galleries, images, dividers, and buttons, or spice up your pages with components.


    Design icon

    Select a different theme for the site or change the background for a page or slot.

    11 Settings icon

    Add keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

    12 Manage sites icon

    Return to the home page to manage your sites.