Send Requests

Review the following information before sending requests using the Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service REST API.

URL Structure

Use the following URL structure to access the REST endpoints:
  • region-prefix is the URL prefix based on region. Typical values include:
    • United States:

      For example:

    • Europe: psm.europe

      For example:

    To find the region prefix for a cloud service REST endpoint:
    1. Sign in to the My Services dashboard for your identity domain.

    2. Click one of your cloud services and go to its Service Details page.

    3. The REST Endpoint field shows the URL to the REST server for this service, including your region prefix.

  • resource-path is a relative path that defines the REST endpoint. For a complete list of REST endpoints, see All REST Endpoints.

    • For example:


Supported Methods

Perform basic CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete) on your Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service using standard HTTP request methods.

HTTP Method Description
GET Retrieve information about the service instance.
POST Create, scale, backup, start, stop the service instance.
PUT Update the service instance.

Media Types

The following media types are supported by the Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service REST API:

  • application/json

  • application/

Supported Headers

The REST API supports headers that may be passed in the header section of an HTTP request or response.

Header Description Example
Content-Type Media type of the body of the request. Required for POST and PUT requests, and the supported types vary with each endpoint. Content-Type: application/json
Accept Media type of the body of the response. Accept: application/json
X-ID-TENANT-NAME Identity domain name of the service, used for authentication. X-ID-TENANT-NAME:ExampleIdentityDomain