Delete Multiple Tags



Deletes one or more tags.

Set the optional ?force query parameter to true to allow tags to be deleted even if they are assigned to resources.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Query Parameters
  • Flag that specifies whether to allow (true) or not allow (false) tags to be deleted if the tags are assigned to resources. Default is false (do not delete if the specified tags are assigned to resources). Set to true to allow tags to be deleted even if there are tag assignments.

    Also, the request will fail (false) or not fail (true) if any of the specified tags are not found.

Body ()
The request body defines the tags to delete.
Root Schema : deletetags-request
Type: object
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Nested Schema : tagsToDelete
Type: array
Groups information about the tags to delete. Each tag object is a key/value pair.
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Nested Schema : tagsdelete-request
Type: object
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  • Key for this tag.
  • Value for this tag.

    Default value is an empty string (if you do not provide a specific value).


Supported Media Types

204 Response

No content.

Successfully deleted one or more tags. There is no response body.

400 Response

Bad request.

An attempt was made to delete a tag that cannot be removed (for example, a system-provided tag cannot be deleted).

404 Response

Not found.

No tags with the specified key/value pair were found, and the force query parameter was not set to true.