Creating a Cluster by Using a QuickStart Template

Not Oracle Cloud Infrastructure This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To rapidly provision an Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service cluster, you can select one of the QuickStart templates. The template uses Oracle Cloud Stack Manager to quickly provision a cluster.
  1. Navigate to the QuickStarts page by using one of these methods:
    • Access your service console. Click the QuickStarts link.
    • From the My Services Dashboard, click Create Instance. Click the Create button for Data Hub Cloud Service from the Quick Start Services tab.
  2. On the QuickStarts page, in the Instance Name field, enter a name for this service instance.
  3. Below the template that you want to provision, click Create.
  4. Click Download. When prompted by your web browser, save the archive file to your computer.

    This archive file contains:

    • A text file with the credentials that you need to administer the resources in this service instance

    • A copy of the Secure Shell (SSH) public key that is associated with each of the nodes in this service instance

    • The corresponding SSH private key, which is necessary to access any of the nodes in this service instance

    The Create button is enabled.

  5. Click Create.

    Your new cloud stack is named instance-nameQS.

  6. On the Stacks page, click the name of the stack.
  7. To monitor the progress of the resources in your stack, on the Stack Details page, periodically click Refresh Refresh icon.
  8. Click the name of your new Data Hub Cloud Service instance.


By default, access to the monitoring consoles is disabled in your new cluster for security purposes. See Enabling, Disabling, and Deleting an Access Rule.

To delete this service instance, you must use Oracle Cloud Stack Manager. See Deleting a Cloud Stack in Using Oracle Cloud Stack Manager.

To access the Oracle Cloud Stack Manager console, click Navigation Menu Navigation Menu icon in the upper-left of the page, and then select Oracle Cloud Stack.