About Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service Roles and Users

Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service uses roles to control access to tasks and resources. A role assigned to a user gives certain privileges to that user.

In addition to the roles and privileges described in Oracle Cloud User Roles and Privileges in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud, the following role is created for Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service: DHCS_Administrator.

When the Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service account is first set up, the service administrator is given the DHCS_Administrator role. User accounts with this role must be added before anyone else can access and use the service.

A user with the DHCS_Administrator role has complete administrative control over the service. This user can create and terminate clusters, add and delete nodes, monitor cluster health, stop and start clusters, and manage other life cycle events. In a typical workflow, the administrator spins up a cluster, and then provides users with the credentials they need to access the cluster and store data. When the cluster is no longer needed, the administrator terminates it.

The identity domain administrator can create more Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service administrators by creating user accounts and assigning the role to the user. Only the identity domain administrator is allowed to create user accounts and assign roles. See Managing User Accounts in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.