Create Security Assessment Jobs

You can create security assessment jobs in the Security Assessment wizard.

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Before you create a security assessment job, you need to register the target database that you want to assess. Security Assessment should not be run on CDB$ROOT.

Create a Security Assessment Job

  1. Click the Home tab and then click Security Assessment.
  2. Select the check boxes for the target database that you want to assess.
    If needed, you can select multiple target databases.
  3. Click Assess.
    The assessment runs for a couple of minutes and then generates a Security Assessment report for each selected target database. A check mark next to the assessment report indicates that the assessment is done.
  4. Click View Report for a target database to open its report.
  5. To expand a category, click it or click the triangle next to it.
  6. Slide the vertical scroll bar to scroll through the report content.