Create User Assessment Jobs

To assess user security on one or more target databases, you can create a user assessment job with the User Assessment wizard.

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Before you create a user assessment job, you need to register the target database that you want to assess.

Create a User Assessment Job

You can create a User Assessment job in the User Assessment wizard.

  1. Click the Home tab, and then click User Assessment.
    The User Assessment page is displayed.
  2. Select the check boxes for the database targets for which you want to assess user security.
  3. Click Assess.
    When the assessment is finished, a link to the User Assessment report is displayed for each selected target database.
  4. Click View Report for a target database.
    The User Assessment report is displayed.
  5. To view more charts, click the small circles directly below the charts.
  6. To browse within a page, drag the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the report.
  7. To browse between pages, at the bottom of the report, enter a page number or click a page number. You can also use the arrow keys to step through the pages or move directly to the first or last page.