Service Limits

Oracle Data Safe has usage and service activation limits.

Usage Limits

Usage limits are as follows:
  • The combined number of security assessment, user assessment, data discovery, data masking, and audit report work requests that you can run is limited to 1000 per month per target database. If you exceed this limit, you cannot run any additional work requests for the remainder of the month. You can, however, still access Security Center and view existing reports.
  • You can create up to 100 Oracle Data Safe private endpoints per tenancy and region, provided the number of unused private endpoints is below 5.*
  • You can create up to five Oracle Data Safe on-premises connectors per tenancy and region.*
  • Up to 1 million audit records per month per target database are included in Oracle Data Safe at no additional cost. If you exceed this limit, you may be charged for audit records over the limit. It depends on your settings in Security Center. See View and Manage Audit Profiles.
  • Audit records generated by the Oracle Data Safe service user are not counted towards the monthly quota.
  • Audit records are retained for up to twelve months online in Oracle Data Safe. Audit records can be archived for an additional six years (a total of seven years) in Oracle Data Safe. You can configure audit data retention periods in Oracle Data Safe.
  • You can retrieve up to twelve months of audit data from the archive if archiving is configured for your target database.
  • You can retrieve audit data from the archive up to six times per month per target database.

* You can create a service request to increase the limit.

Free Trial

During a free trial, the following additional limits apply:

  • You can register up to one paid on-premises Oracle Database or one paid Oracle Database on a compute instance.
  • You can create up to two Oracle Data Safe private endpoints.
  • You can create one Oracle Data Safe on-premises connector.

For more information about using Oracle Data Safe during a free trial, see Try Oracle Data Safe for Free.