Sign In to the Oracle Data Safe Console

You can sign in to the Oracle Data Safe Console as a native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure user or as a federated user. You do not require any special permissions in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) to sign in.

To sign in to the Oracle Data Safe Console:

  1. Open a supported browser and sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Select the appropriate region that has Oracle Data Safe enabled.
    Oracle Data Safe resources, such as sensitive data models, masking policies, and registered target databases are region-specific. Therefore, you want to make sure that you select Oracle Data Safe in the region that contains the resources that you need.
  3. From the navigation menu, select Data Safe.
  4. Click Service Console.
    The Sign In page is displayed.
  5. Enter your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure credentials, and then click Sign In.
    The Home page for Oracle Data Safe is displayed.
  6. (Optional) In your browser, bookmark the URL to the Oracle Data Safe Console.