Adding Data to a Project

You can add one or more data sources to your new or existing projects.

You can use the Display Pane of the Data Sources page to familiarize yourself with all available data sources. Click the All Data Sources option to view all data sources. Or click a category such as Files or Databases to view data sources of that type. Data sources have distinct icons to help you quickly identify them by type.

  1. You can add a data source to a project in two ways:
    • If you’re creating a new project, then go to the Home page and in the Create pane, click Project.
    • If you’re working with an existing project, then open the project and in the Data Elements pane right-click and select Add Data Source. See Creating a Project and Choosing Data Sources.
  2. In the Add Data Source dialog, browse or search for the data source that you want to add to the project. When you locate the data source, click it to select it and then click Add to Project.
  3. Build your project using the columns that are displayed in the Data Elements pane. Or if needed, explore or modify the data source to better fit your project.