Description of the illustration narrate_canvas02.gif

This image shows the Narrate canvas where insights are added and saved. The canvas is framed with the standard Data Visualizer canvas toolbars and the panel containing the subject area and its columns, My Calculations folder, and Value Labels drag and drop object. The image also shows the Prepare, Visualize, and Narrate canvas options that the user can click to navigate between canvases. The Narrate canvas option displays in blue and is underlined to indicate that it is the canvas that you are viewing.

The Forecasted Monthly Sales by Product Category project displays, and the Narrate canvas contains seven insights. The Product Profitability insight is displayed and shows four visualizations: a line chart named Quarterly Sales versus Profit Ratio, a scatter chart named Product Sales and Profit Ratio by Customer Segment, a horizontal stacked chart named Product Sales, and a horizontal stacked chart named Product Profitability. The window also shows the filters and filter values applied to the visualizations.

Below the visualizations is the Story Navigator text field which contains text describing the insight. In this image the Story Navigator text says “Breakdown of profit and profit ratio by Product Subcategories.” Below the Story Navigator field is a line of seven navigation circles. Each insight has a corresponding circle, and the Product Profitability insight’s circle is colored blue to show that it is displayed in the canvas. Below the navigation circles is a row of tabs, one for each insight. Next to the row of tabs is a plus icon that you can click to add another insight to the Narrate canvas. Next to the plus icon is a set of four icons: Auto Apply Data, Explore, Story Navigator, and Filter Data.