FAQs for Exploring

The top FAQs for exploring data are identified in this topic.

Can I enable other users to access my projects?

Yes. You can enable other users to access your projects. See Assigning Ownership of Items.

You can also move the objects to the Company Shared folder. If you move the project into a shared folder, then the data sets that are included in that project will inherit the permissions of the folder that you are saving it in.

What is the maximum size limit for Microsoft Excel data files that I want to upload?

The maximum size limit for a file is 50 MB. The virus scanner will process data files that are larger than 15 MB, but it won’t allow them to be uploaded.

Can I delete data files that I uploaded to Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service?

Yes. You can delete your own data files from the Data Sources page. See Managing Data Sources. You can also delete data files from projects. See Deleting Data that You Added.

Administrators can delete any uploaded data file. See Deleting Unused Data Sources.