Typical Workflow for Adding Data from Data Sources

Here are the common tasks for adding data from data sources.

Task Description More Information

Add a connection

Create a connection if the data source that you want to use is either Oracle Applications or a database.

Connecting to Oracle Applications Data Sources

Connecting to Database Data Sources

Create a data source

Upload data from a file such as a spreadsheet. Retrieve data from Oracle Applications and from databases if the data isn’t already cached.

Creating a data source from Oracle Applications or a database requires you to create a new connection or use an existing connection.

Creating Data Sources from Databases

Blend data

Blend data from one data source with data from another data source.

Blending Data That You Added

Changing Data Blending

Refresh data

Refresh data for the files when newer data is available. Or refresh the cache for Oracle Applications and databases if the data is stale.

Refreshing Data that You Added

Extend uploaded data

Add new columns to the data source.

Modifying Uploaded Data Sources

Control sharing of data sources

Specify which users can access the data that you added.

Controlling Sharing of Data You Added

Remove data

Remove data that you added.

Removing Data from a Project