Updating Details of Data that You Added

After you add data, you can inspect its properties and update details such as the description and aggregation.

  1. In the Data Sources page, go to the Display pane, and locate the data source that you want to update.
  2. Click the Options menu and select Inspect. The Data Source dialog is displayed.
  3. Inspect the properties and update the description of the data as appropriate.
    If you’re working with a file-based data source (CSV, TXT, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet), then note the following information:
    • If the file you used to create the data source was moved or deleted, then the connection path is crossed out in the Data Source dialog. You can reconnect the data source to its original source file, or connect it to a replacement file by right-clicking the data source in the Display pane and in the Options menu select Reload Data. You can then browse for and select the file to load to the data source.
    • If you reloaded a file with new columns, then the new columns are marked as hidden and don’t display in the Data Elements pane for existing projects using the data source. To unhide these columns, click the Hidden option.
  4. Optionally, change the Query Mode for a database table. The default is Live because database tables are typically large and shouldn’t be copied to cache. If your table is small, then select Auto and the data is copied into the cache if possible. If you select Auto, then you’ll have to refresh the data when it’s stale.
  5. In the Columns area, specify whether to change a column to a measure or attribute as appropriate. For measures, specify the aggregation type, such as Sum or Average.
  6. Optionally, share the data with others.
  7. Click OK to save your changes.


You can also inspect data sources on the Data Sources page. See Managing Data Sources.