Manually Applying Linux OS Security Patches

You can manually apply Linux OS security patches to compute nodes hosting Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service database deployments.


Before you begin, review all steps in the procedure to understand that the compute node is rebooted at the end of the patching process.

  1. Connect as the opc user to the compute node.

    See Connecting to a Compute Node Through Secure Shell (SSH).

  2. Start a root-user command shell:

    $ sudo -s
  3. Shut down the database.

    • If the compute node is associated with a database deployment hosting a Data Guard configuration, then enter the following command to shut down the database and the grid infrastructure:

      # crsctl stop crs -f
    • Otherwise, shut down the database as follows:

      Switch to the oracle user:

      # su - oracle

      Shut down the database:

      $ sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
      SQL> shutdown
      SQL> exit

      Return to being the root user:

      $ exit
  4. Install the yum-plugin-security package:

    # yum install yum-plugin-security
  5. Update all packages to the latest versions that contain security patches:

    # yum --security update-minimal
  6. Reboot the compute node:

    # reboot
    The system is going down for reboot NOW!