Applying a Patch by Using the dbpatchm Subcommand

You can use the dbpatchm subcommand of the dbaascli utility to apply a patch to a database deployment hosting a single-instance database.

Before you begin


To apply a patch to a database deployment by using the dbpatchm subcommand:

  1. Connect to the compute node as the opc user.
  2. Start a root-user command shell:
    $ sudo -s
  3. If you have not already done so, edit the /var/opt/oracle/patch/dbpatchm.cfg patching configuration file, setting the keys to apply the desired patch. For more information about this file and its keys, see The dbpatchm.cfg Configuration File.
  4. Apply the patch to the deployment using the dbpatchm subcommand of dbaascli:
    # dbaascli dbpatchm --run -apply

    The dbpatchm subcommand displays progress as the patch is applied.


    Patching operations are performed with a minimum of impact on the functioning of the database. However, during part of the operation the database is shut down for a period of time, thus making it inaccessible.

  5. Exit the root-user command shell:
    # exit