Applying a Patch by Using the raccli Utility

Not Oracle Cloud Infrastructure This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can use the apply patch subcommand of the raccli utility to apply a patch to a database deployment hosting an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database.

Before you begin


To apply a patch to a database deployment by using the apply patch subcommand:

  1. Connect to the compute node as the opc user.
  2. Apply a patch to the Oracle Database home using the apply patch subcommand with the -db option:
    $ raccli apply patch -db -tag tag-name

    Where tag-name is the name of the patch. To find out the tag name for the latest available patch, see What's New for Oracle Database Cloud Service.

    The Oracle Database home and Grid Infrastructure home are updated on both compute nodes of the deployment. The node from which you run the command is taken offline, patched, and then brought back online. Then the second node is taken offline, patched, and brought back online.