Check the Cloud Tooling and Image Versions

You can use a function of the dbaasapi to determine the current tools version and the image version.

  1. Connect as the opc user to the compute node.

    See Connecting to a Compute Node Through Secure Shell (SSH).

  2. Start a root-user command shell:

    $ sudo -s
  3. Create a JSON file named input.json with the following content:

      "object":  "os",
      "action":  "get",
      "operation": "info_version",
      "params": {
      "outputfile":   "/home/opc/out.json",
      "FLAGS": "debug"
  4. Run the dbaasapi command:

    # dbaasapi -i /home/opc/input.json
  5. Display the results:

    # cat /home/opc/info.json

    Example output:

       "dbtools_dbaas_monitor" : null,
       "dbaas_image" :
       "dbtools_ords_sdw" :
       "dbaastools_version" : "dbaastools-1.0-1+"
  6. Exit the session:

    # exit
    $ exit