Creating a Clone Database Deployment from a Snapshot

Not Oracle Cloud Infrastructure This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can create an Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service database deployment from a snapshot you have taken of another database deployment in the same identity domain. The resulting deployment is known as a linked clone because its storage is linked to the snapshot’s storage.


Currently, you can only create snapshots of database deployments that host a single-instance database. Therefore, you can only create linked-clone database deployments that host a single-instance database.

When you create a linked clone deployment, Database Classic Cloud Service creates a new database deployment whose storage volumes are cloned from the snapshot.

Using the “copy on write” technology that Oracle Compute Cloud Service supports for storage volume snapshots, the file data on the linked-clone deployment can change without changing the snapshot itself. Thus, you can create several linked clones from the same snapshot to use for application testing or branched application development work.


  1. Open the Snapshots page of the deployment you want to create a snapshot of:

    1. Open the Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service console.

      For detailed instructions, see Accessing the Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service Console.

    2. Click the name of the database deployment whose snapshot you want to use as the basis for a linked clone deployment.

      The Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service Overview page is displayed.

    3. Click the Administration tile and then click the Snapshots tab.

      The Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service Snapshots page is displayed. Any snapshots already created for the deployment are shown in the Available Storage Snapshots list.

  2. In the Available Storage Snapshots list, locate the snapshot you want to create a linked-clone deployment from and choose Create Database Clone from that snapshot’s action menu.

    The Subscription Type page of the Create Instance wizard is displayed.

  3. Step through the pages of the wizard to provide information about the linked-clone deployment.

    As you step through, you will note that several options are not selectable; for example, Software Release and Software Edition. Such options are not selectable because their values are determined from the snapshot upon which the linked-clone is based.

    Also note that some options are required: you must provide a new service name, specify an SSH public key, and provide an administrator password. You can change the other selectable from their defaults if you want to; for example, Shape and Backup Destination.

  4. After completing the wizard by clicking Create on the Confirmation page, the Services page is displayed, including notice that creation of the database deployment has begun.