Creating a Pluggable Database

You can use DBaaS Monitor to create a pluggable database.

  1. On the DBaaS Monitor home page, click Database Status. Or, in the Database pull-down menu, click Manage.
  2. Click Create PDB.
  3. Complete the Create PDB dialog and click OK.
    • New PDB Name—Provide a name for the new pluggable database.

    • Admin Username and Admin Password—Provide a user name and password for the PDB administrator. You need not use the same admin password that you used during the database deployment creation process, unless you wish.

    • File Name Conversions—You can optionally provide custom names and expressions for the PDB datafiles.

    • Unlimited Storage and Reuse Temp File—By default, unlimited storage and reuse temp file are selected for the PDB.

    • Create TDE Key—TDE Key creation is selected by default.

    • Keystore Password—If Create TDE Key is selected, the Keystore Password field is made visible. Use the password that was specified during the database deployment creation process.