dbpatchmdg rollback_async


This command is deprecated as of release 18.3.6 in September 2018. It is replaced by the dbaascli patch db switchback command. You should discontinue using this deprecated command as it will be removed in a future release.

The rollback_async option of the dbpatchmdg utility is used to roll back a patch that has been applied on a Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service database deployment hosting an Oracle Data Guard configuration.
dbpatchmdg -rollback_async patch_id  [-sshkey=ssh_file] [-txn_fl=/var/opt/oracle/log/dbpatchmdg/file_name] [-exclude_node=ip address] [-no_switchover]

Options of dbpatchmdg rollback_async are as follows.

Option Description


The ID of the patch to be rolled back.


The SSH key file name. Provide this if the SSH key has changed.


The file that the master transaction record will be written to.

-exclude_node=ip address

The IP address of a node that should be excluded from the roll back.


Indicates that no switchover should take place during the operation. With this option, the primary database will incur downtime.