Deleting a Backup

You can delete long-term backups created using the bkup_api utility with the --keep option.

You cannot delete backups that are associated with the automatic backup configuration, whether they were created using the bkup_api utility, the raccli utility, or the Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service console. These backups are deleted automatically based on the retention period that is associated with the automatic backup configuration.

To delete a long-term backup of a database deployment on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service:

  1. Connect to the compute node as the opc user.

    For detailed instructions, see Connecting to a Compute Node Through Secure Shell (SSH).

  2. Start a root-user command shell:

    $ sudo -s
  3. List the available long-term backups:

    # /var/opt/oracle/bkup_api/bkup_api list --keep

    A list of available backups is displayed. Note the tag of the backup that you want to delete.

  4. Delete the backup:

    # /var/opt/oracle/bkup_api/bkup_api bkup_delete --bkup=backup-tag

    where backup-tag is the tag of the backup you want to delete.

  5. Exit the root-user command shell:

    # exit