raccli apply patch

Not Oracle Cloud InfrastructureNot Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

The apply patch subcommand of the raccli utility is used to apply a patch to the Oracle Database and Grid Infrastructure home on an Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service database deployment that uses Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).
raccli apply patch  -db -tag tag-name  [-prechecks] [-dg]

This subcommand runs asynchronously. That is, it creates a job to apply the patch, reports the job ID of the created job, and then exits. To track the progress of the job to its completion, use the raccli describe job command.

If the subcommand fails, it reports a FAILURE status and provides a message describing the reason for the failure.

Options of this subcommand are as follows.

Option Description


Causes raccli to update the Oracle Database home and the Grid Infrastructure home. The Oracle Database home and Grid Infrastructure home are updated on both compute nodes of the deployment. The node from which you run the command is taken offline, patched, and then brought back online. Then the second node is taken offline, patched, and brought back online.

-tag tag-name

The name of the patch to apply. To find out the tag name for the latest available patch, see What's New for Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service.


Causes raccli to precheck application of the patch instead of actually applying the patch. To perform the precheck, raccli uses the opatchauto utility’s apply -analyze subcommand.


Causes raccli to perform the operation on the nodes of both the databases in a database deployment of type Database Clustering with RAC and Data Guard Standby. The nodes of the standby database are patched first, followed by the nodes of the primary database.

Note: On older database deployments the node from which you run the command may not have the ssh key necessary to access the other database’s nodes. In such cases, the apply patch subcommand displays instructions to copy ssh key files to the node.