Patching Page

You use the Patching page to view available patches, initiate a patching process, and view details of the last patching process for a particular database deployment.

What You See on the Oracle Database Cloud Service Patching Page

The following table describes the key information shown on the Oracle Database Cloud Service Patching page.

Element Description

Available Patches

A list of patches you can apply to the deployment.

Menu icon (for each listed patch)

Menu icon provides the following options for the patch:

  • Precheck — Check whether the patch can be successfully applied to the deployment.

  • Patch — Apply the patch to the deployment.

Details of Last Patching Activity

Expand to see a description of the actions taken during the last patching operation.


Click to roll back the last patching operation. See Rolling Back a Patch or Failed Patch by Using the Oracle Database Cloud Service Console.