About Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service

Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service provides you the ability to deploy Oracle databases in the Cloud, with each database deployment containing a single Oracle database or an Oracle Data Guard configuration consisting of a primary Oracle database and a standby Oracle database. You have full access to the features and operations available with Oracle Database, but with Oracle providing the computing power, physical storage and (optionally) tooling to simplify routine database maintenance and management operations.

When you create a database deployment, Database Classic Cloud Service creates compute nodes to host the database, using computing, storage and networking resources provided by various Oracle Cloud infrastructure services.

The deployment includes Oracle Database and supporting software. The software is installed for you, an Oracle database is created using values you provide when creating the database deployment, and the database is started. Additionally, you can direct Database Classic Cloud Service to set up automatic backups. Finally, the deployment includes cloud tooling that simplifies backup, recovery, patching and upgrade operations. You have root privilege, so you can load and run software in the compute environment. You have full administrative privileges for the Oracle database. You are responsible for making any changes to the automated maintenance setup, and you are responsible for recovery operations in the event of a failure.

Like many Oracle Cloud platform services, Database Classic Cloud Service relies on an underlying component of Oracle Cloud named Platform Service Manager (PSM) to provide its service console and its REST API. As a result, you will find that the Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service console has the same “look and feel” as the service consoles for other platform services like Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service, and you will find that the endpoint structure and feature set of the Database Classic Cloud Service REST API is very similar to those of the REST APIs for other platform services.

The Platform Service Manager (PSM) component of Oracle Cloud uses SSH to access the compute nodes that comprise your database deployments, in order to perform predefined Platform Service actions like backup and patching. You initiate these Platform Service actions from the web console or REST API. A separate SSH key pair is used for each database deployment to perform this internal communication. This SSH key is not available for ad hoc usage. You cannot delete this key from compute nodes or it will cause these Platform Service actions to fail. The key is only used under programmatic control and cannot be directly accessed by Oracle employees. All SSH actions performed by the Platform Service Manager (PSM) component on your compute nodes are logged and can be audited. The Oracle Cloud Operations team does not have access to any SSH keys residing on your compute nodes and has no way to access your compute nodes, unless you explicitly provide access to the keys for troubleshooting purposes.

Cloud Tooling for Database Classic Cloud Service

In addition to the capabilities of the web-based Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service console, Database Classic Cloud Service offers the following tools on the database delpoyment's compute nodes: