Tracking the Number of Database Deployments in an Account

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer. This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

You can track the number of database deployments on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service across all identity domains using the My Account Dashboard page. Note that the My Account Dashboard page is different from the Infrastructure and Infrastructure Classic Consoles: My Account Dashboard shows information for your entire account, while the Infrastructure and Infrastructure Classic Consoles show information limited to one identity domain in your account.

To open the My Account Dashboard page, sign in to My Account. By default, the Dashboard page is in focus. You can also click Dashboard at any time to display the page.

The list of services is displayed using the following naming convention: service-name (service-type). Click the service name to go to the details page, which displays status history, availability history, usage metrics, and additional information for the selected service.

For information about the details provided on the Dashboard page, see Exploring the My Account Dashboard Page in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.