Upgrade Overview

This topic gives you a high-level overview of the upgrade process.

The upgrade process involves four major tasks as listed below:
  1. Take a backup of SOURCE DB with Oracle Database version 11g, 12.1, 12.2, or 18c.
  2. Provision a new Linux7 virtual machine with Oracle Database version that is same as the SOURCE DB. This is TARGET DB.
  3. Restore the SOURCE DB backup in TARGET DB.
  4. Upgrade TARGET DB version to 19c.
A few points to note before you begin with the upgrade process are:
  • The upgrade process will start the database on a new virtual machine leading to a change in the connect string, and it will impact all the top-level services (such as Java as a Service) consuming SOURCE DB.
  • Upgrading an instance will not upgrade the snapshots or clones created from SOURCE DB automatically. You have to implement the same process on each snapshot or clone separately to upgrade them to 19c.


    Ensure to upgrade all the snapshots or clones before deleting SOURCE DB because deleting the original service will also delete these artifacts.
  • You must implement the steps outlined in the upgrade process in the same order as prescribed to avoid any upgrade failures.
  • Any updates on SOURCE DB after taking its full backup will not get into the upgraded database. To avoid any data loss, you are recommended to shut down connections to the SOURCE DB before initiating the backup.
  • As part of the upgrade process, once TARGET DB is provisioned in the new virtual machine, you can see two database instances on the PSM. This is an intermediate phase. Using TARGET DB at this stage may result in issues and is not supported by Oracle. Therefore, do not use TARGET DB until the entire upgrade process completes.
  • You can only upgrade to Oracle Database 19c from 11g, 12.1, 12.2, or 18c directly. No intermediate upgrades such as from 11g to 12.1 or 12.2 to 18c are supported.