Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)

Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) is a storage-related Oracle Database feature that causes the database to store the same column for a group of rows together.

Storing column data together in this way can dramatically increase the storage savings achieved from compression. Because database operations work transparently against compressed objects, no application changes are required.

The HCC feature is available on database deployments created on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service using the Enterprise Edition - High Performance or Enterprise Edition - Extreme Performance software edition.

For more information about HCC, see:

  • "Hybrid Columnar Compression" in Oracle Database Concepts for Release 18, 12.2 or 12.1

  • "Consider Using Table Compression" in Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for Release 18, 12.2 or 12.1

  • "table_compression" in "CREATE TABLE" in Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for Release 18, 12.2 or 12.1