Configuring Recovery Manager (RMAN) Settings

Configure Recovery Manager (RMAN) to use Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service as the backup destination.

You’ll use the CONFIGURE command to create or change a persistent configuration affecting RMAN backup, restore, and maintenance. For more information about the command, see CONFIGURE in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Reference.

Configuring Autobackups

As a best practice, you should also configure RMAN to automatically back up the database control file and server parameter file. With a control file autobackup, RMAN can recover the database even if the current control file, recovery catalog, and server parameter file are inaccessible.

The autobackup feature is disabled by default. To enable autobackup, use the following command:


For information about configuring automatic archive for backups, see Configuring Automatic Archival to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.

For information about autobackups, see About RMAN Control File and Server Parameter File Autobackups in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide.