How to Begin with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service Subscriptions

Here’s how to get started with Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service subscriptions.

  1. Request a trial or purchase a subscription using any of the following methods:

    Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service trials and paid subscriptions appear as Oracle Storage Cloud Service subscriptions. See Important Information About Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service Subscriptions.

  2. Activate and verify the service. See Activate Your Order in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
  3. Verify activation. See Verify That Your Services are Ready in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  4. Important Step: Select a data center for your service (you'll see Set Replication Policy for Oracle Storage Cloud Service when you sign in to the Infrastructure Classic Console). See About Replication Policy for Your Object Storage Classic Instance in Using Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

    You don’t need to create a storage container as mentioned in the procedure. A default storage container is created for you automatically when you install the backup module used by Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service.

    If you enable georeplication, you will be billed for the capacity utilized in both the source and target data centers.

    The replication policy must be set before you run the backup module installer. Otherwise you'll get errors such as Could not authenticate to Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module or 403 Forbidden. Set the replication policy and wait at least 10 minutes for synchronization to complete before you retry the installation.

  5. Create accounts for your users and assign them appropriate privileges and roles. See Managing User Accounts and Managing User Roles in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.


    For Oracle Database Public Cloud Services subscriptions, users must have either the Storage Administrator or Database Backup Administrator role to back up to the cloud.