Monitoring Your Storage Capacity

When you subscribe to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service you purchase the amount of storage capacity you want for your backups. If you reach your storage capacity limit and try to back up your database, your backup will fail.

You can quickly increase the limit by purchasing more capacity on demand. Once you buy more capacity, you can continue doing backups. You can also free up space by using RMAN to delete obsolete backups.

You can monitor how much storage capacity you've used by viewing detailed metrics about your usage. If your backups are stored in Object Storage Classic, use the Infrastructure Classic Console. If your backups are stored in Object Storage, use the Cost Analysis tools. See Monitor Your billing Data in Oracle Cloud Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud or Checking Your Balance and Usage in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation or .

You can also check the capacity used by your account or under a container by using cURL.

Example commands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic:

# curl -v -s -X GET
       -H "X-Storage-User: service-identitydomain:userid"
       -H "X-Storage-Pass: password"

Use the Auth—Token entry to get the header information:

# curl -v -X HEAD
       -H "X-Auth-Token: auth-token"

Example output (pertinent details in bold):

< HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
< X-Account-Container-Count: 2
< X-Account-Object-Count: 567
* Server Oracle-Storage-Cloud-Service is not blacklisted
< Server: Oracle-Storage-Cloud-Service
< X-Account-Meta-Policy-Georeplication: us2
< X-Account-Meta-Policy-Archive: arch-us2
< X-Timestamp: 1446492266.33718
< X-Account-Bytes-Used: 7884540569
< X-Account-Meta-Quota-Bytes: 536870912000
< Accept-Ranges: bytes
< X-Trans-Id: txeb611621958647a681cd6-0056a4404bga
< Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 03:08:59 GMT
< Connection: keep-alive
< X-Storage-Class: Standard
< X-Container-Meta-Policy-Georeplication: us2
< X-Last-Modified-Timestamp: 1446492266.33718
< Content-Type: text/plain;charset=UTF-8

Example output for a tiering container (pertinent details in bold):

< HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
< X-Container-Object-Count: 0
< X-Container-Write: myIdentity4.Storage.Storage_ReadWriteGroup
< Accept-Ranges: bytes
< X-Timestamp: 1531949125.70314
< X-Container-Read: myIdentity4.Storage.Storage_ReadOnlyGroup,myIdentity3.Storage.Storage_ReadWriteGroup
< X-Container-Bytes-Used: 0
< X-Trans-Id: tx0d71e235b8814b94b197b-005b4fb04ega
< Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:25:34 GMT
< Connection: keep-alive
< X-Storage-Class: Standard
< Container-Meta-Policy-Georeplication: uscom-central-1
< Container-Policies-Enabled: tiering
< Last-Modified-Timestamp: 1531949125.70314
< Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8
< Server: Oracle-Storage-Cloud-Service