About Your Service

Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service is a schema service that provides a multi-tenant cloud environment for using the Oracle Database. It is not to be confused with the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant option which supports Pluggable Databases.

Schema Service is built on Oracle Database technology, running on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

This service has four main components:

Schema Service delivers the following advantages:

  • You can access your Schema Service from any supported browser on any platform.

  • Your Schema Service comes in several sizes, based on a simple storage and transfer metrics.

  • Your Schema Service has a simple monthly subscription cost, which includes all standard maintenance operations and Oracle Support.

  • You can provision a complete Schema Service environment in a few minutes and immediately start to be productive. A Schema Service includes simple administrative tools that allow you to monitor usage, and add and drop user access. The Oracle Store enables you to modify your subscription package with a simple interface.

  • Your Schema Service includes a wide variety of tools and utilities, including development wizards and flexible interactive reporting. Most importantly, Schema Service offers rapid application development and instant deployment, which allows developers and users to work together in real time to create optimal solutions for business needs.