Supported Browsers and Minimum Screen Resolution

Oracle Digital Assistant complies with the Oracle Software Web Browser Support Policy.

For the Digital Assistant user interface to properly render, you need a minimum native screen resolution of 1280x1024.


For the list of browsers supported by Digital Assistant's Oracle Web SDK, see the Web SDK documentation.

Fixed Issues

Issues Fixed in 22.06

  • Variable of type entity doesn't get imported successfully.
  • Entity attributes should be able to reference their parent entity.
  • Insights: Retrainer intent history sometimes returns createdOn metadata as a long, sometimes as a string.
  • Knowledge Document: Review New Intents dialog has both scrolling and pagination.
  • Unminified Javascript code in production.
  • CURRENCY entity handles Australian Dollar wrong when considering user locale.
  • Insights: Data export with PII anonymization is slow.
  • Labels in the UI for sorting are long and confusing.
  • Add the imported DRAFT Skill with HTTP custom components to the imported digital assistant.
  • Knowledge document: Once uploaded pdf or url there is no info what is going on.
  • Data Manufacturing: help and keyboard icons are not shown in crowd worker UI on Chrome
  • Need diagnostic info when can't import a resource bundle.
  • Unhelpful error message after annotating a resource bundle
  • Visual Flow Designer: Main Flow event mapping output parameter doesn't honor parameter type.
  • The Skill Tester is looking at the wrong nlpresult for Visual dialog mode skills.
  • When Require Authorization is enabled for a flow, skill keeps prompting user to log in even after the flow has ended.
  • Digital assistant on Microsoft Teams channel is unresponsive.
  • Knowledge document: The loading of a Web-based FAQ page results in all questions being rendered in a single intent.
  • Knowledge document: Additional words getting appended to the generated utterances.
  • Data Manufacturing: Download button doesn't readily appear.
  • Submitting values from a Slack Modal to a System.CommonResponse component doesn't work.
  • E£ resolved as GBP IN CURRENCY entity instead of as EGP.
  • Knowledge document: Questions and answer getting merged.
  • Web SDK: User attachments not getting rendered in widget for SVG images.
  • In the intent tester, the hover over for the resolved entity value is not correct.
  • When you update a Boolean skill-level property, the skill fails.
  • Digital assistant not responding for specific flow.
  • Web SDK: "on:open" doesn't fire if "openChatOnLoad" property is set to true.
  • Web SDK: initUserHiddenMessage not send at expand if the connection was made before expand.
  • Insights: Retrainer tab in digital assistant or skill insights missing all conversations.
  • Live agent conversations mistakenly counted as abandoned.
  • Web SDK on Windows doesn't align user input text properly. It's too far to the top.
  • Web SDK on Windows shows multiple scrollbars
  • Batch Test case gives false positive results.
  • Web SDK: Missing alt tag on chat widget.
  • Web SDK: Color for hyperlinks is very difficult to see.
  • Web SDK: "subtitle" getting updated with "title" when multi-lang chat is enabled

Issues Fixed in 22.04

  • Tester: Replay button (arrow icon) not available on last turn.
  • Exporting resource bundle and then importing it into another skill is not working
  • Clicking View All Q&A command causes uncaught promise rejection in browser console, rendering of table incomplete.
  • Clicking the Train button on a digital assistant or skill indicates an error or success immediately, before training has even started.
  • Batch testing fails with Internal Server error.
  • Insights exported data entries are missing channel session ID.
  • Session metrics do not match up to billing metrics.

Issues Fixed in 22.02

  • After 21.08 platform upgrade, DATE system entity validation is not getting called.

  • Skill State Mappings setting for custom help skill has no effect on skill-level help.

  • Data Manufacturing: Input lost in Intent Paraphrasing wizard.

  • Setting a flow variable default value to an expression that access skill scope variables fails.

  • Issue in System.CommonResponse component when separateBubbles is set to false.

  • Insights: Incorrect Live Agent metrics on selecting different time range.

  • Skill validator gets an HTTP 500 error.

  • Data Management archive fails.

  • In Microsoft Teams channel, YAML steps with FreeMarker show errors.

  • Insights: the count in path and total conversations don't match.

  • Q&A UI not displaying results when filtered by question or by category.

  • Digital assistant shows disambiguation dialog twice in a row.

  • Insights export contains PII terms after anonymization.

  • Bot sends unknown message "Attempting re-routing".

  • Web SDK: Widget going outside of the window when it is positioned on the left.

  • Web SDK: When there are two or more instances of simultaneously running Web SDK, scrolling works on only one of the instances, and not on others.

Issues Fixed in 21.12

  • An error occurs when training a skill that has been updated to platform version 21.12. (Fixed in hot patch.)

  • When validating a skill that has a System.SetCustomMetrics component, several errors appear.
  • When importing a skill, errors for missing language tags are shown, even when the skill uses a translation service.
  • Insights overview: Intents vs Count charts is broken in compare mode.
  • retrainerHelper is not called in both sync and async mode for cloned bot, new version, or import in BotsResource file.
  • Consider End User Locale is sometimes ignored when Resolve Date as is set to Default.
  • Entity bag item of type String is pointing to ADDRESS entity in exported JSON.
  • Composite bag entity goes into infinite loop if using context.clearItemValue() on bag item of type String.
  • Web SDK - Absolute timestamp is not displayed for card messages.
  • ML entity not getting resolved as part of composite bag in Common Response component.
  • Batch test fails as ambiguous because win margin is not honored.
  • Error sharing location with human agent.
  • Web SDK - Links included in answer intent are shown as video inside websdk widget.
  • System.CommonResponse display property visible: onDisambiguation causing design-time and runtime error.
  • Data Manufacturing: When running an entity validation job, a java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException and a java.lang.NullPointerException are thrown.
  • Data Manufacturing: Can't create an intent validation job directly from the results an intent annotation job.
  • Skill gets published and added to the digital assistant before training completes.
  • Web SDK - No option to remove chat logo icon.
  • Exit utterance not showing up in Insights.
  • system.entityToResolve.value.rangeStartVar and system.entityToResolve.value.nextRangeStart are not reset after navigating out of Common Response component.
  • Can't enable insights on a published skill or digital assistant.

Issues Fixed in 21.10

  • Updates to application-initiated conversation events in draft skills aren't propagated to digital assistant.

  • Linked Instance menu item doesn't work.

  • Rebasing fails because of problems behind the scenes when creating or updating the default test suite.

  • When a skill with a Q&A module is exported, the canonical and alternate questions are in reverse order.

  • When selecting the Retrainer tab on a digital assistant's Insights page, a spinning wheel is displayed if Insights have been disabled for that digital assistant.

  • A webview error occurs when importing, cloning, or versioning a skill.

  • Web SDK - If you return an undefined message in the beforeDisplay delegate, an unhandled promise rejection is thrown.

  • Web SDK - Japanese characters are garbled when uploading a file to Oracle Digital Assistant.

  • Cannot export data from Insights after extending the skill and importing it.

  • Composite bag entities ignore Consider End User Locale setting for bag items if that setting has been defined by another composite bag entity.

  • When creating a new test suite that is not the default test suite, the spinning wheel appears.
  • The Digital Assistant Custom UnresolvedIntent Skill and Digital Assistant Custom UnresolvedIntent State digital assistant settings don't work if the skill is not exposed in the digital assistant.

  • Extended skill: When exporting or importing value list entities in an extended native multi-lingual skill, an error occurs when accessing the database.

  • When using an entity event handler, system.invaliduserinput is set to true when trying to update an entity value.

  • Conversation Tester UI - Long URLs break the message bubble when wrapping to the next line.

  • Web SDK - Images on cards are not center aligned.

  • Cancelling a search term in the NLU tester does not refilter the test cases.

  • Can't create a new test suite in the NLU tester.

  • Using Explicit Invocation resumes the flow after a session times out rather than aborting the expired session flow.

  • Web SDK - Custom header element gets cut off with empty space.

  • NLU Tester does not take confidence win margin into consideration.

  • In the NLU tester, a change in the confidence threshold is not reflected when submitting a test run.

  • The Web SDK doesn't trigger Native NLP language detection unless the multiLangChat flag is passed.

Issues Fixed in 21.08

  • Can't create a test case for a digital assistant that was created before version 20.06 of Oracle Digital Assistant.

  • For Oracle Web SDK clients, the suggested auto-complete text still appears even after the auto-complete phrases have been deleted from the intents and the skill has been retrained.
  • The Last Updated time stamp that displays in the skill tile gets erroneously updated when an embedded custom component switches from a dormant to an active state.
  • When creating an Oracle Service Cloud channel, users get an error that the B2C password that they entered is incorrect, even when it isn't.
  • You can't import an existing batch test into its own test suite.
  • A skill can get published while training is underway.

  • The System.ResolveEntities' Show More button does not work properly when the component references a Value List entity.
  • Users federated through IDCS (Oracle Identity Cloud Service) have to authenticate twice because of a redirect.
  • Jobs intermittently disappear from the Jobs page.
  • Quality Reports not working.
  • While training skills with Trainer Tm, opening another skill frequently opens of one of the skills that is currently being trained.
  • In the skill catalog, a filter is still shown as active even after the view has been reset.
  • The Intelligent Advisor service in a skill gives a javaException: null error.
  • Utterance Tester: Import should support ZIP files.
  • The System.ResolveEntities component does not add headerText and footerText properties to the user message when prompting for a multi-value entity.
  • Unable to get an export of the QnA.
  • Rebasing failed from SaaS platform Versions 20.08 to 21.02 because of test cases.
  • Navigating to Insights when a skill has Insights disabled shows an error.
  • Utterance Tester: Rebase should not stop because of a DefaultTestSuite naming conflict.
  • The requires training flag does not update after the first training.
  • Cannot run test cases on a skill that has not been trained for auto-complete suggestions.
  • Utterance Tester: The test cases table is not updated when filtering test suites.
  • Utterance Tester: The All tab is selected automatically when editing, adding, or deleting test cases.
  • Oracle Digital Assistant instance creation fails in the OCI console when you do not enter a description (which is marked as optional).
  • Microsoft Teams Adaptive Card postbacks trigger an entity event handler failure (in the System.ResolveEntities component).
  • Data Manufacturing: The Copy Link button is not working on Firefox.
  • The digital assistant does not show the correct status of a published skill.
  • Web SDK: The widget breaks words when wrapping them because the CSS uses the word-break:break-word property rather than the correct word-break:break-all property.
  • Invalid states are not properly flagged in the digital assistant configuration page.

Issues Fixed in 21.06

  • System.AgentTransfer Ignores B2C customProperties Item with name equal to EMAIL.
  • System.AgentTransfer Returns an Error Action if a customProperty Item for a B2C Session Property Includes type.
  • Example utterances do not appear on the Intents page of a skill.

  • NullPointerException from Empty Properties in System.IntelligentAdvisor

  • Skill/DA tester: Long message scrolls bottom of tester out of view, making it unreachable (including Utterance field)

  • Editing an answer intent overwrites another answer intent answer if you select a different intent without first tabbing out of the current answer.

  • Sometimes no skill tiles are shown even though the paging control indicates there should be skills displayed.

  • Insights UI: various Retrainer UI issues

  • Channel setup "jumps" to first channel in the list after any change

  • Need multi-lingual support for auto-numbering postback actions

  • Invalid dates are not correctly handled by bots

  • Deflection rate graph in Analytics is only showing skills and not live agents.

  • Web SDK - disablePastActions no longer applies to past conversations

  • Derived entities don't show preceding or following phrases once set

  • Analytics and DA Insights not showing data for today

  • DataManufacturing: Paraphrasing job: View Results overflows in dialog, making it impossible to accept or reject results.

  • Utterance tester at DA level is not showing correct analytics.

  • Button to exit from skill help does not work

  • Changes occurred while training message appears when no changes were made

  • Skill batch tester stalls after 25,000 utterances.

  • Inability to upload data manufacturing results - uploaded file not showing

  • ODA Insights - Retrainer tab not showing interactions with Slack

  • Skill validation errors are not showing the line number of the error

Issues Fixed in 21.04

  • Within Insights, the number of conversations as reported by the Overview, Conversations, and Paths tabs don't always align.

  • Entities extracted from user utterances before the string is sent to the translation service.

  • Uploaded webview package .tgz file in webview components cannot be downloaded.

  • Component template does not get added.

  • Utterance tester: special characters, like Arabic, fail to be exported / imported successfully.

  • Web SDK - Attachment upload does not complete even after POST /chat/v1/attachments endpoint returns 200OK.

  • System.CommonResponse component supports imageUrl property for actions. Icons don't render in tester.

  • Tester UI - 'View JSON' in Bot Tester view overflows horizontally out of the container.

  • DataManufacturing: Paraphrasing job crowd-worker screen: browser console error.

  • Unable to delete purged tasks.

  • Disambiguation dialog not shown for out-of-order extracted values.

  • Validator doesn't recognize profile[key].

  • Large purge fails.

  • Rebase skill - Synonyms for a new entity are missing when a skill is rebased.

  • When cloning a skill, language bundle entry annotations are lost.

  • Web SDK - First JWT token is not validated for expiry.

  • Data manufacturing data entry requires too many clicks.

  • Customers unexpectedly moving from translation service to natively-supported language mode.

  • Web SDK - TTS voice readback from carousel stops part way through.

  • HTTP 500 when testing skill in tester.

  • Dialog Flow Editor: Validation signals error on Freemarker expression that is correct at runtime.

  • Rebase of skill fails with error: "There was an unexpected error processing the request. Please contact Oracle Support Services.".

  • Value lists created from value list entities render items in all languages defined for an entity if variable.type.enumValues is used as the source of iterator.

  • User input of a date in Arabic not translated to English.

  • Voice on SDK - Not working when there is a gap of 2 or 3 minutes or locking and unlocking the mobile screen.

  • Utterance Tester - pagination doesn't work.

Issues Fixed in 21.02

  • Using the insightsInclude property on a custom component causes a YAML validation error.

  • Need to update convert Python script to include Version column when exporting Insights data.

  • Skill Validation Pane shouldn't refresh when the YAML editor auto-saves.

  • ProcessUserMessage doesn't allow a Freemarker expression.

  • DA Validation Error not shown in UI.

  • Generate cancel event for skill when conversation is cancelled at DA level.

  • Webview component sometimes returns not found.

  • Custom components built with bots-node-sdk version 2.5.1 don't work in embedded container.

  • Digital Assistant doesn't detect expiration of USER_WAIT_QUEUE_TIMEOUT in Oracle Service Cloud.

  • Launching a hosted webview raises a "404 Not Found" or "This site can't be reached intermittently".

  • Importing a skill containing a webview package always leaves the webview deployment status as awaitingDeployment.

  • Auto-numbering for Twilio channel not working.

  • Internal error after validating skill.

  • Slack payload changes impacted LiveAgent connection in Slack channel.

  • Internal server errors when training or deleting a skill.

  • Web SDK: Copy and pasting text into the inputArea does not enable the Send button in mobile browsers.

Issues Fixed in 20.12

  • Skill Settings, Digital Assistant tab, Parameters section: Start State, Welcome State and Help State cannot be unset.
  • Live Agent Connection errors when agent transfers to supervisor.
  • AgentTransfer state hangs upon retry.
  • Composite bag does not show custom entities unless you refresh the page.
  • Web SDK: Actions of older messages disabled when the page is refreshed.
  • Slack channel userID in logging replaced with different userID.
  • DA as Agent: when the session ends due to a YAML flow return statement, the bot should not disconnect.
  • Resource Bundle Export only exports 100 rows.
  • Insights: Incomplete conversation count under Overview tab does not match with incomplete conversations under Conversation tab.
  • Insights: Overview count does not match with conversation history in skill insights.
  • Web SDK: initUserHiddenMessage typing indicator not showing.
  • Web SDK: A few special characters being replaced in web-sdk 20.8.1 (greater and lesser symbols)
  • REST Insights export job fails with a closed stream error.

Issues Fixed in 20.08

  • Some special characters not recognized by Web SDK 20.6.1
  • Rebase issues:
    • Rebase hangs if the same version as the current extension for the re-based DA is selected
    • When selecting a different version, the rebase fails with an error.
  • On the Configuration tab of a digital assistant's Settings page, changing any of the float values to 0.0 causes the page not to load anymore on future visits.
  • Web SDK - scrollbar not provided for the list of autocomplete suggestions.
  • Browser Find feature (Ctrl-F or Command-F) only works for currently visible part of dialog flow.
  • Ctrl-Z/Cmd-Z does not work for undoing dialog flow changes after changes have been auto-saved
  • Issues with Insights export conversion tool.
  • System.CommonResponse component throws NullPointerException when a variable of type string is already populated.
  • When a digital assistant is configured with a custom UnresolvedIntent and that flow passes the turn to the user, the digital assistant doesn't intercept the message.
  • Import of digital assistant fails with no explanation.
  • In Microsoft Teams channels, need to be able to disable interactive buttons and fields after user performs an action.
  • Inline attachments sent through Microsoft Teams and Slack can't be retrieved using the attachment URL provided.
  • Answer intents are limited to 2048 characters. (The limit is now 10,000 characters.)
  • Conversation utterances not displaying for System.CommonResponse and System.List actions.
  • DA as Agent: when the session ends due to a return statement in the dialog flow, bot should not disconnect.
  • In Advanced Input mode for utterances, utterances are not added, but new intents are created.
  • Web SDK - Property disablePastActions = 'none' is not working.
  • After removing the last intent from the last page (when there are multiple pages of intents), the UI incorrectly shows that the skill has no remaining intents.
  • The waitingMessage property in the System.AgentInitiation component and the waitMessage property in the System.AgentConversation component are not being translated even though the correct values exist in the resource bundle.
  • Web SDK - When calling Bots.sendAttachment() after disabling both the attachment and typing indicator features, a TypeError occurs.
  • Web SDK -When using Bots.sendMessage() with hidden:true, the message is hidden the first time but not after that.
  • Web SDK - Links with href = " (with spaces around =) will cause the link to be malformed.
  • System.ResolveEntities: cast error when resolving composite bag item of dynamic entity type.
  • DA as Agent: Button indicates channel is disabled even for when it is enabled.
  • Entity matches don't work correctly when there are multiple values with the same synonyms.

Current Known Issues

Call Rest Service State Doesn't Appear in Conversation Tester

When using the conversation tester and entering an utterance that invokes a Call REST Service component, the Call REST Service state doesn't appear in the flow on right side of the conversation tester.

Errata in the REST Reference for the Resource Bundles API

  • For the POST /bots/{botId}/bundles API, the reference says that the filterBy query parameter for the Bundles GET request is required, but it isn't.
  • For the POST and PATCH /api/v1/bots/{botId}/bundles API, the 200 and 400 response schemas in the reference don't match the actual output, which, for example, look like this:

    200 Example Response:

            "createdOn": "2022-01-20T01:03:08.626Z",
            "updatedOn": "2022-01-20T01:03:08.626Z",
            "id": "F3F728FF-DDDD-439F-892E-39B720E73DE9",
            "trackingId": "F3F728FF-DDDD-439F-892E-39B720E73DE9",
            "message": "Ola",
            "languageTag": "es",
            "key": "greeting",
            "annotation": "Initial greeting in Spanish",
            "extensionType": null

    400 Example Response:

        "invalidEntries": [
                "createdOn": null,
                "updatedOn": null,
                "id": null,
                "trackingId": null,
                "message": "Buenos dias",
                "languageTag": "es",
                "key": "greeting",
                "annotation": "Initial greeting in Spanish",
                "extensionType": null
        "detail": "The skill already has a resource bundle message with this key and languageTag combination."
  • For the GET /api/v1/bots/{botId}/bundles API, the 200 response schema in the reference doesn't match the actual output, which, for example, looks like this:
        "items": [
                "key": "greeting",
                "languages": {
                    "default": {
                        "id": "5A1D972C-AA13-4756-9BC4-8F3EDDE225BA",
                        "message": "Hello",
                        "extensionType": null,
                        "trackingId": "5A1D972C-AA13-4756-9BC4-8F3EDDE225BA",
                        "annotation": ""
                "extensionType": null
        "count": 1,
        "offset": 0,
        "limit": 100,
        "hasMore": false,
        "links": [
                "rel": "self",
                "href": ""
                "rel": "canonical",
                "href": ""

Webview Form Does Not Appear After Versioning or Cloning

After creating a new version or clone of a skill, the webview may not work in the new version.

To workaround this problem, open the service the webview, export its TGZ file, delete the service, and create a new webview service (using the same name as the one you deleted), and import the TGZ file into the new service.

DA-Level Conversations Report Displays Only the First Message

The digital assistant-level Conversations report always displays the first message of the conversation in real time, but sometimes it won't immediately display all of the messages for incomplete conversations. The report will include these messages after the nightly refresh of the database.

This is the expected behavior, as the Conversations report displays conversations in their entirety only when a terminal state (such as System.EndSession, System.ExpiredSession, or System.DefaultErrorHandler) has been reached, or after a certain number of messages have been received.

Behavior Differences in Similar Versions of Skills

If you create a new version or clone of a skill and retrain it, there could be slight behavioral differences with the base skill, even if you haven't changed the skill content or changed its platform version. This is because of ongoing security improvements in the platform. Therefore, you should retest any new versions, clones, and extensions of skills, even if you haven't made significant changes.


The behavior of published skills do not change over time for this reason. Any new platform security improvements are only incorporated when you train the skill.

Requests to the List Export API Fail on IAM Instances

Because of a JAR upgrade introduced in Release 21.08, requests to the List Export Tasks API (/api/v1/bots/insights/dataExports) from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) instances fail with a 401 (Unauthorized) error when the order parameter has not been URL-encoded and is set with either the ASC or DESC sorting options (e.g., order=NAME:ASC). Only requests where the order parameter has been encoded (e.g., order=NAME%3AASC) will succeed.

Validation Warning in Dialog Flow of New Skill Version

After creating a new version of a skill and validating the skill's dialog flow, the following warning may appear:

The field with the name [ metadata ] has been deprecated. Please remove the field from the flow.

This does not indicate any problem with the skill. Simply, the metadata field in the first line of the dialog flow (as well as platformVersion in the second line) are no longer needed. The skill will behave as it did before, with or without those lines. To make the warning disappear, simply delete the two lines.

Can't Import, Clone, or Version Skill Because of Invalid State Name

Starting with Release 20.08 of Oracle Digital Assistant, it is no longer possible to create, import, version, or clone a version of a skill that has dialog flow state names that have certain naming patterns. Now state names must begin with a letter, must be 100 characters or shorter, must not begin with System., and must not have trailing spaces. Otherwise, the state name can contain alphanumeric characters, periods, underscores, hyphens, and spaces.

If you need to import a skill with state names that don't follow these requirements, first manually change its state names. To do so, unpack the skill's zip file, expand the dialog folder and open the .yaml file that it contains in a text editor, edit the state names, and then repackage the skill. When repackaging the skill, be sure that the dialog folder, bot.json, etc. remain at the root level of the zip (i.e. don't include the folder that contains them in the repackaged zip).

Do Not Create Intents in the Retrainer Report

Do not use the Retainer's Add Intent function (denoted by the + icon directly beneath the Add To drop down) to create new intents. New intents should only be created on the skill's Intents (Intents icon) page. You can still use the Retrainer to match user input to the skill's existing transactional and answer intents.

Authentication Fails in Voice-Enabled Web App Based on Web SDK v. 20.5.1

If you have a voice-enabled web app that is based on version 20.5.1 of the Oracle Native Web SDK and that points to a bot that requires client authentication, authentication will fail. This is due to an incompatibility between the version 20.06 of the Oracle Digital Assistant runtime and version 20.5.1 of the SDK.

To fix this problem, update your app to use version 20.6.1 or later of the Oracle Native Web SDK.

Exporting of Insights Fails Part Way Through

When doing large exports of Insights data, the export sometimes breaks off part way through, particularly if there is more than 1 GB of data in the export.


  • Log in to the instance using Mozilla Firefox as your browser and then try exporting again.
  • Periodically check how much Insights data you have stored and export it before you have reached 1 GB of stored data. See Monitor Insights Data Storage Capacity.

Authenticated User ID for Application-Initiated Conversation Returned in Lower Case

If you have set up a skill to initiate a conversation with a user via the application-initiated conversations feature and the skill requires users to authenticate with Oracle Identity Cloud Service, the authenticated user ID is returned in all lower case, even if the user ID has upper case characters. Therefore, when invoking the application-initiated conversation, the message payload should supply the user IDs in all lower case.

Upload of Custom Component Package Fails Because of Nested TGZ Files

The cause of this might be that the package has gotten too large to upload because it contains nested .tgz files for each time you have run bots-node-sdk pack.

If you run into this problem, make sure that there is an .npmignore file in the root of the custom component package. (This file is created when you first create the custom component package using the SDK.) That file should contain these entries:


The presence of the .npmignore file with those contents will ensure that the previous version of the .tgz file won't be included when you update the package.

Upload to Embedded Component Service Results in Failed to fetch custom component metadata, error response: 504

The typical cause for this error is that your component folders contain non-component files. The directories that you name in the components array in the main JavaScript file should point to directories that contain only component files. This includes files in any subdirectories.

Say, for example, that the main JavaScript file sets the components array like the following code example. This statement tells the component service upload process to look in the components directory structure for the custom component definitions. The server will look at every file in the directory structure and try to process each one as a custom component. If there are files in that directory structure that aren't custom components, the upload process fails because it can't parse the file as a custom component.

module.exports = {
   components: [

If you get this error, create a separate folder, such as helpers, in the same folder that main.js is in. Then move the non-component files into it, and modify your code accordingly.

Custom Component Service Creation Fails or Import of Skill with Custom Component Service Fails

Oracle Digital Assistant limits the number of custom component services per instance. You won't be able to do any of the following once you have the maximum of custom component services:

  • Add a custom component service.
  • Version or clone a skill that has a custom component service.
  • Import a skill that has a custom component service.

To see the component service limit, look up embedded-custom-component-service-count on the service limits page in the Infrastructure Console. If you need to raise the limit, you can request an increase. For more information, see View Service Limits in the Infrastructure Console and Requesting a Service Limit Increase.

Invalid Component Path Error When Uploading Package to Custom Component Embedded Service

If you get an invalid component path error when you upload a package to an embedded custom component service, the cause is typically one of the following conditions:

  • One of the files contains invalid JavaScript. When this happens, open your JavaScript files in an editor that highlights syntax errors to find the cause.

  • Your package doesn't contain the node modules that the JavaScript depends on. The inclusion of dependencies is required in version 19.4.1 and later. Check your package.json file to insure that all node module dependencies are listed. If not, enter the following commands from a terminal window. Repeat the second command for each node module that your JavaScript depends on (except for bots-node-sdk):

    $ cd <folder that contains package.json>
    $ npm install <module>

    The second command adds the module to the node_modules folder and adds it as a dependency in package.json.

    When you package your JavaScript for uploading to an embedded service, always use this command from Oracle Bots Node SDK version 2.2.2 or higher.

    bots-node-sdk pack

    This command adds all the node modules that are in the dependents section of package.json to the bundledDependencies section, and includes the node modules in the TGZ file.

If you export a skill from a previous version, and the skill uses embedded custom components, you will most likely get an error when you use the skill because the component service's package doesn't contain the dependencies. If this happens, download the TGZ file from the custom component service page, unpack the TGZ file, add the node module dependencies as described above, and re-import the package.

For more information, see Prepare the Package for an Embedded Container Service in Using Oracle Digital Assistant


When an instance is upgraded to 19.4.1, the dependencies are added automatically to the custom component packages as part of the upgrade.

Insights Retrainer: UI Remains Inactive After Selecting the Draft Version of Skill

While the Retrainer options for published skills are inactive by design, they can sometimes remain inactive even after you've selected a draft version of a skill. If this happens, select the draft version of the skill a second time. The options will then become available, allowing you to update the draft version with new training data.

Oracle Web SDK: initUserHiddenMessage Prevents the Skill's First Response from Being Read Aloud

On some browsers, the skill's first response to the user can't be read aloud when the SDK is initialized to send the hidden message (initUserHiddenMessage: 'Hi', for example) when the widget is in expanded mode when the page is loaded (openChatOnLoad: true).

Because the first audio response from the skill requires an invocation from a user action, this issue may not occur all of the time. For example, the skill's first response would be read aloud if the user interacts with the widget in some way before the hidden message has been sent (a click, a touch, or a keyboard action, for example), or when the host app makes a call to the Web Speech API before the widget has been initialized. To enable this call, add a one-time one-time event listener for the page. For example:
const firstInteractionMockUtterance = () => {
    if ('speechSynthesis' in window) {
        speechSynthesis.speak(new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(''));
document.body.addEventListener('click', firstInteractionMockUtterance, { once: true });

File Uploads in Web Channel Fail

In web channels, file uploads from the host site may fail and throw a console error similar to the following:

https://<oda-instance>/chat/v1/attachments from origin <client site> 
has been blocked by CORS policy: No Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is present 
on the requested resource

This is because the host site's CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) settings, which block all cross-origin HTTP requests, may also block upload requests from the client instance to the Oracle Digital Assistant attachment server.

If you run into this problem, update the host site's security policy to allow the domain for the Digital Assistant instance.

Note: Because the conversation uses WebSocket connections, CORS does not impact the conversation.

Ensure that You're Integrating with a Compatible Oracle Service Cloud Version

Digital Assistant agent-transfer integration is only compatible with Versions 18C and higher of Oracle B2C Service. The chat window will not render in the Oracle B2C Service console when you integrate your skill with versions previous to 18C.

Digital Assistant digital-assistant-agent integration is only compatible with Versions 19C and higher of Oracle B2C Service.

Export of Q&A CSV File Fails Without Categories

Though the Categories field is optional when adding questions through the Q&A framework, you need to add a category for each Q&A item if you want to export the data source file as a CSV. If you haven't included categories for questions, add them using the Edit Question dialog, then export the data source.

clientId/clientSecret and retentionPeriod Intermittently Display Incorrect Values

The clientId/clientSecret and retentionPeriod can intermittently display incorrect values when they are updated. This happens when more than one developer is working on the same skill at the same time.

To avoid this, ensure that only one developer works on a skill at any one time.

Documentation Accessibility

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Access to Oracle Support

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