List Export Tasks



Returns a list of insights-export tasks for this service instance.


Query Parameters

There's no request body for this operation.

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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Body ()
Root Schema : InsightsDataExportPagingData
Type: object
List of an instance's insights-export tasks.
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Nested Schema : items
Type: array
The items being returned.
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Nested Schema : InsightsDataExportResponse
Type: object
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  • Pattern: YYYY-MM-DD
    Range start date.
  • Read Only: true
    A name that identifies who created the export task.
  • Pattern: YYYY-MM-DD
    Range end date.
  • The name of the export job as specified in the create request.
  • Timestamp of when the job started.
  • The export task's id.
    The current status of the export.
    • SUBMITTED: The export was submitted.
    • IN_PROGRESS: The export is in progress.
    • PURGE_SUCCEEDED: The purge completed successfully.
    • PURGE_FAILED: The purge failed. The error property provides more information.
    • EXPORT_SUCCEEDED: The export completed successfully.
    • EXPORT_FAILED: The export failed. The error property provides more information.
    • NO_DATA: There wasn't any data to export or purge. Try a different date range or filter.
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