13 Digital Assistant Insights

For each digital assistant, you can view Insights reports, which are developer-oriented analytics on usage patterns.

With digital assistant Insights reports, you can find out:

  • The number of conversations initiated from a digital assistant over a given time period and their rate of completion.
  • The popularity of the skills registered to a digital assistant

These reports display data when Enable Insights, located in the General page of Settings (This is an image of the digital assistant Settings icon) is switched on. To access the reports, open a digital assistant and then select This is an image of the Insights icon. in its left navbar.

You can also view detailed reports on individual skills that show things such as how often each intent is called (and which percentage of those calls have completed) and the paths that users take through the skill. See Insights.

Report Types

  • Total Conversations: Displays the number of digital assistant-initiated conversations over the selected period. These conversations are broken down by:
    • No Match - The number of times that the digital assistant could not match any of its registered skills to a user message.
    • Help - The number of times the Help system intent was invoked.
    • In Progress – The number of skill conversations (that were initiated by the digital assistant) that are still ongoing. Use this metric to track multi-turn conversations.
    • Completed – The number of conversations that were routed through the digital assistant and were then completed by the individual skills.
    • Errors – The number digital assistant-initiated conversations that were not completed because of errors (system-handled errors, infinite loops, or timeouts).
    • Canceled - The number of times that users exited a skill by entering "cancel".
    • Unresolved - The number of times that messages routed through the digital assistant could not be matched to any intents or registered skills.
    When Insights has been disabled for a digital assistant, the Total Conversations and Completed counts will still continue to increase if Insights has been enabled for any of the member skills. Despite this, there will be no data logged for the digital-assistant specific Help and No Match metrics until you swich on Enable Insights.
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  • How are my skills performing: Shows the number of conversations by skill.

    The Trend view provides a graph of completed conversations over the selected time period.

    The Summary view shows the number of each skill's completed conversations, unresolved conversations, and errors.

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