This is a screen capture of the Intent tester. The tester is a panel that's entitled Try IT Out Intents/Q&A. At the top right-hand side (within the title bar), the tester has a Reset button and a close icon (an X). Directly below, on the right-hand side, are two tabs: Intent and Q&A. The former is selected in this screen capture. Immediately below, on the left hand side, is an option called Load. To its right is the Batch toggle, which is switched on. Directly below the Load button on the left, is a Back button. In this screen capture, the Tester displays the details for a phrase from a file that's been uploaded. The tester displays the phrase as query and then directly below, displays the expected Intent. Directly below, the Tester displays the Intent and Confidence table, which ranks the intents by confidence level in descending order. From left to right, this table lists an intent, a confidence level (a 100% bar chart), the percentage, and a radio button. The Add Example button is at the bottom right of the Tester.