This is a screen capture of the Conversations report.

At the very top-leftare the Insight report-wide filters, Channels and Mode.

At the top left-hand side of the screen is the date picker (which in this screen capture displays "Last 30 Days"). Above it is a status message for the refresh of the Insights data. It reads "Last updated a few seconds ago." Directly to the left is a "refresh" icon.

Directly beneath tare the filtering options for this report. From left to right, they are: Intent, Outcome, Sort By, and Errors. To the right is the Switched Conversations option.

Beneath the filtering options is a table that displays the results. It has the following columns:
  • Intent
  • Outcome
  • Time
  • User Messages
  • Skill Messages
The User Messages and Skill Messages columns display a transcript of the messages from both the customer and the skill, respectively. Directly to the left of the transcript are two options: View Conversation and Voice Metrics.