This illustration is a screen capture of the Retrainer.

At the very top-left, is an edit icon. Next to it, are the Insight report-wide filters, Channels and Locale. In this screen capture, they are set to Channels: All and Local: All. To the immediate right of these is the Reset to All option.

Directly beneath the Insight report-wide filters is the navigation path for the Insights reports: Intents > Paths > Conversations > Retrainer (selected in this screen capture). > Export.

Directly beneath the navigation path are the filter options for the Retrainer. The Retrainer lets you sort using ALL or ANY on different options (located at the top left-hand side of the screen) and the date picker (located that the upper right-hand side of the screen). Right above this date picker (which in this screen capture displays "Last 90 Days"), is a status message for the refresh of the Insights data. It reads "Last updated a few seconds ago." Directly to the left is a "refresh" icon.

In this screen capture, the options are Top Intent Name, Matches, and unresolvedIntent. The second filter criteria is: Top Intent Conference, Is Greater Than, and 62%. If you wanted to add another filter, you can click the +Critera button (located at the right-hand side of the screen) to add another set of filter options. At the left-hand side, located below the filtering options, is the Search button.

The Retrainer sorts the utterances into the following columns:
  • Utterances: The actual user message. To the immediate left of the utterance is a select option.
  • Resolved Intent: the intent (if any) to which the utterance, or user message, has been resolved, or matched.
  • Intent Classification: A 100% bar chart that's segmented by the Retrainer's best guesses for matching intents. Each different segment has a different color and a corresponding "legend" immediately to the right. Immediately to the right is either the name of the matched intent, or if there's no intent that can be matched, the Retrainer displays Select Intent. To the immediate right, there's an option to open a menu to select either an intent (where there has been no matches), or a new intent (where there has been a match). The Select Intent option also displays above the table of results, so you can use it as a filter.
  • The Add To menu.

In this image, the Utterances option is selected, the report has returned two messages (get flowerss and I wud like to order flwrs) and the cursor hovers over the OrderFlowers item in the Add To menu.

Below the table is the Add Example button.

At the bottom left of the screen is the pagination for the results. In this image, it's Page 1 of 1.