This is a screen capture of a portion of the Conversations report. At the top, the filtering options for this report (Intent, Outcome, Sort By, and Errors) are OrderFlowers, Incomplete, and Latest, respectively. Errors is toggled is positioned in "off" for this image.

Beneath the filtering options is a table that displays the results. It has the following columns:
  • Intent
  • Outcome
  • Time
  • User
  • Bot
The User and Bot columns display a transcript of the messages from both the customer and the skill, respectively. For entry, the skill's reply is "Oops, I'm encountering a spot of trouble. Please try again later." Directly to the left of the transcript is the option called View Conversation.

At the bottom-right of the table is the pagination controls.

Below the table is a section called "Details for selected conversation," which shows a topographical representation of the transcript. It's a linear transit map that runs from left (the beginning) to right (the end of the conversation), with each state that was traversed during the course of the conversation depicted as the equivalent of a station, or stop. The path shown in this image has been scrolled to its final state, SystemDefault.ErrorHandler.